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Prostar biomed

ECOS™ Competent Cells

The fastest transforming cells worldwide-

1 minute transformation

With “ECOS™” standing for “EColi One-Step”, and its reverse “SOCE” standing for “SOC Eliminated”,  the name itself speaks for the advantages.
minute, 1 step high-efficiency transformation and no SOC recovery step required, truly a design to save your time.

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prostar biomed
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Intro: iNtRON Bio has been focusing on the R&D investment since its foundation
and accelerates development speed after the IPO in KOSDAQ. 

Features: One of the acquired biotechnology companies, LiliF Diagnostics’ CLP Technology is a unique patented technology for the design of primers for molecular diagnostics. It is characterized by the formation of a self-dimer structure through the regulator region of the primer before gene amplification. MAT Technology (Mobius Amplification Technology) is a technology that amplifies all stages from early DNA and RNA templates to target nucleic acid amplification and detection. LiliF Diagnostics’ Maxime Technology is a patented technology that maximizes ease of use so that anyone can experience molecular diagnosis easily and accurately. RaLF Technology is a technology designed to allow anyone to easily and quickly detect the cause of a disease in the field. RaPiA technology enables  the production of antibodies at desired sites, enabling the production of antibodies specific for epitopes, allowing for rapid response to cross reactions and mutations.

Products: Lilif Diagnostics Human, Veterinary, Plant, Mycoplasma and Food Safety Molecular Diagnostics Platform.