UniversAll™ Tissue Extraction Kit


The UniversAll™ Tissue Extraction Kits contain all the reagents necessary to rapidly extract genomic DNA from a wide range of biological samples prior to amplifying targets of interest by PCR. Genomic DNA is extracted from small amount of samples simply by incubation in UniversAll™ Extraction buffer for 10 minutes at 95 °C. The UniversAll™ Tissue Extraction Kits offers a novel one-step UniversAll™ Extract buffer that eliminates the need for a freezing of cells or tissues with liquid nitrogen, mechanical disruption, organic extraction, column DNA purification, or alcohol precipitation.


  • Simple :
    single-step extraction of genomic DNA to PCR. No phenol/chloroform.
  • Fast :
    cells or tissues to PCR in 10 minutes.
  • Convenient :
    includes our superior PCR enzymes and buffers for amplification directly from the extract for your convenience.


  • Gene Cloning
  • Small or large scale PCR-based genotyping
  • Quantitative PCR real-time PCR
  • Suitable for rapid forensic and disease detection and diagnosis

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Quality Control

Each lot of extraction buffer was tested for its extraction capability of standard animal and plant tissues for PCR and real-time PCR. It also has to pass the stability test before shipping.





Store at


# FYU002-5ML

Univers All™ Extraction Buffer 5 ml
Extraction Buffer Enhancer 250 μl

# FYU003-20ML

Univers All™ Extraction Buffer for animal tissue 20 ml

# FYU004-5ML

Univers All™ Extraction Buffer II 5 ml