Lentiviral & AAV Delivery Systems


Recombinant viral vectors are widely used gene delivery tools for cells, animal models, and clinical applications, due to their propensity to infect most cells and tissues, and for enhanced safety. GeneCopoeia’s comprehensive suite of viral solutions for lentivirus and adeno-associated virus (AAV) includes ready-to-use particles suitable for use in cell culture and animals, plasmid clones expressing ORF, promoter, miRNA, shRNA, and sgRNA, and packaging reagents for do-it-yourself lentiviral particle production.


  Lentifect™ purified lentivirus for in vitro (cell culture) use  
Lentifect™ ultra-purified lentivirus for in vivo (animal) use 
Lentiviral particles
    Lenti-Pac™ HIV expression packaging kit
Lenti-Pac™ 293Ta lentiviral packaging cell line
Lenti-Pac™ lentiviral titration kit
Lenti-Pac™ lentivirus concentration solution
MycoGuard™ mycoplasma detection kit

Lentiviral packaging


    OmicsLink™ ORF lentiviral clones
    GeneHero™ CRISPR sgRNA lentiviral clones
  OmicsLink™ shRNA lentiviral clones
Lentiviral clones GLuc-ON™ promoter-reporter lentiviral clones
  miExpress™ miRNA precursor lentiviral clones
  miArrest™ miRNA inhibitor clones
    miTarget™ miRNA 3′ UTR target lentiviral clones


virus (AAV)

AAVPrime™ Adeno-associated viral particles

AAVPrime™ Adeno-associated virus serotype testing kits



AdenoFect™ adenoviral particles