ECOS™ X Competent Cells [DH5α]

Product overview


A superior DH5a strain with a transformation efficiency similar to that of electroporation(~1010 cfu/ug) !

ECOS™ X can be utilized for applications which require very high transformation efficiencies, such as of genomic library construction . The “X” as shown in the name, stands for extreme, meaning this competent cell was designed to exceed and set new limitations! The “X” also represents “10” in Roman numeral; our new product aims to reach 1010 in its efficiency.


  • Super high efficiency comparable to electro-competent cells
  • One step, one tube, finish in 6 minutes
  • Requires no costly electroporation equipment


  • Efficient transformation of products from routine TA cloning
  • Transformation of minute amounts of PCR products
  • Construction of a more representative gene library
Technical /Specifications

Technical / Specifications

Store at

endA1 recA1 relA1 deoR gyrA96 nupG hsdR17(rk, mk+supE44 thi-1 Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169 Φ80 lacZΔM15 λ F

# FYE610-10VL (10 preps)

Efficiency ~5 x 109 cfu/μg
100 μl/vial 10 vials
Control Plasmid (pUC19) 5μl (10μg/μl)

# FYE610-80VL (80 preps)

Efficiency ~5 x 109 cfu/μg
100 μl/vial 80 vials
Control Plasmid (pUC19) 5 μl (104 μg/μl)