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GeneCopoeia is the original manufacturer of ORF clone collection for human and mouse. We have clones covering nearly every conceivable application for Molecular Biology, including ORF, CRISPR and TALEN, microRNA analysis, and promoters. All of our expression-ready ORF, shRNA, CRISPR sgRNA, and TALEN clones collection are sequence-verified, providing you with the highest quality. Our ready-to-express clones are available in many vector types that let you choose options for promoters, selection markers, fluorescent reporters, and more. Most of our ready-to-express clones are available in non-viral or lentiviral vectors, giving you the power to express them in a large variety of cell types.

-Sequence-verified expression clones for ORF, sgRNA, shRNA, & more ORF ClonesExpression-ready ORF clones EZShuttle™ Gateway® PLUS ORF clones Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF clones for human and mouse ORF clone sets– Save up to 90% per clone CRISPR and TALEN clones GeneHero™ Cas9 and sgRNA clones

GeneHero™ CRISPR sgRNA libraries Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF clones for human and mouse Genome-TALER™ TALEN and TALE-TF clones shRNA Clones OmicsLink™ shRNA Clones Promoter clones GLuc-ON™ promoter-reporter clones GLuc-ON™ TRE reporter clones miRNA clones miTarget™ 3′ UTR miRNA target clones miExpress™ precursor miRNA expression clones miArrest™ miRNA inhibitor clones

miRNA clone sets

Using a secreted and robust Gaussia Luciferase (GLuc) as the reporter, GeneCopoeia GLuc-ON™ promoter clones are designed for promoter analysis by detecting the real-time activities of over 20,000 human and 18,000 mouse promoters using live cell assays. Each transfection-ready promoter clone contains a 1.2-1.5 kb insert, corresponding to the 5′-flanking promoter sequence located approximately 1.5 kb upstream and up to 200 bp downstream of the transcription start site (TSS) of a specific human gene. This insert is placed upstream of the GLuc reporter gene. Since the putative cis-acting enhancer elements are expected to exist in the cloned promoter region, the promoter luciferase activity observed during the reporter assay closely resembles the actual promoter regulation of these genes within human cells. GLuc-ON promoter clones can be ordered as pre-designed or custom-built in one of our robust vector systems. Currently we offer both single-reporter and dual-reporter vector systems. The single-reporter system uses GLuc, mCherry, or GFP as the promoter reporter. The dual-reporter system uses GLuc as the promoter reporter and SEAP (secreted Alkaline Phosphatase) as the internal control for signal normalization.

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